Ted Deacey — editor, colourist & filmmaker


Dulux Design

dulux design // chalk Commercial ROLE: colourist CLIENT: GOS4 DOP: Marcus Cropp Previous The Bell Streets – “Disappointment Town” Back To Colour Next Currency Fair

Politix x MCFC

politix x MCFC – “pregame” Commercial ROLE: colourist AGENCY: Bullfrog Media DIRECTOR: Joey Knox Previous Okenyo – Anthropology Back To Colour Next 1440 – Travel Your Way

Let’s KIC It

keep it cleaner – “let’s KIC it” Commercial ROLE: editor & colourist   AGENCY: Bullfrog Media DOP: Ben Morgan Previous Pepperstone Forex Back To Colour Next Keep It Cleaner – Brand Film

Currency Fair

currency fair – “the unfair advantage” Commercial ROLE: colourist   DIRECTOR: Hamish MacGregor DOP: Marcus Cropp Previous Dulux Design Back To Colour Next Pivot Summit 2019